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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The 9/11 Truther Credo

The 9/11 Truther Credo.

a.k.a.: The 9/11 TWOOfer Credo

Inspired by (and text in blue shamelessly stolen from) The Woo-Woo Credo.

Google “9/11 truth”. Think, “Wooooo”. Keep clicking on googlebombed links. Think, “Woo” some more. Refer to your googling as “real research”. Keep thinking, “Woo”.

Connect the dots. Read about “holes in the official story”. Make leaps to conclusions between one “hole” and another. Those dots just don’t connect themselves, you know.

Never look for the simplest, most obvious cause of something. Refrain from mentioning Occam's Razor (it's your nemesis). Instead, use Smacco’s Razor. “It couldn’t have been 19 hijackers – it must have been one big, corrupt gubmint/media.”

Fight strawmen valiantly. Repeatedly state that 9/11 was not caused by “Arabs in caves”, and that burning jet fuel alone did not bring down the buildings. Accuse your opponents of being George Bush-lovers, and dismiss their evidence accordingly.

Misuse technical terms as often as possible. The terms “squib” and “pyroclastic flow” are your friends.

Use one myth to support another myth.
“They were going to create a false-flag operation (Northwoods) in the Sixties therefore 9/11 was an inside job”.
“Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy therefore 9/11 was an inside job”.
“9/11 was an inside job therefore anyone who disagrees with me is a disinformation agent”.
“The “New World Order” is a group of shadowy masterminds who control every government and fake every world event, therefore 9/11 was a false-flag psy-op.”
"The Holocaust did not happen so 9/11 was an inside job." "The hijackers were cokeheads and Osama was mortally ill therefore the US gubmint orchestrated 9/11".

Smoke weed copiously, or act like you do. You can never have enough paranoia and crazy thoughts.

Embrace paranoia. When someone uses facts to prove one of your claims wrong, call them a “disinformation agent”, “shill”, or say that they are “spinning”.

Always claim that the other guy is "closed-minded" and that you're as free-thinking as a newborn baby. Other woo-woos love the concept of "open-mindedness" and will take you into their inner circle without question. They have no tolerance for those "mean old nasty" types who demand evidence for everything.

You must believe that the word "anomaly" means proof of sinister gubmint activity.

Use the word "anomaly" as often as possible. If you can’t spell it, say ‘holes in the official story’.
Pontificate, use diatribe and rhetoric. Call your opponents, “sheeple” and urge them to “wake up”. They may have gone to sleep during your rants. They also need urging to “connect the dots” as you have.

Don’t investigate or talk to the organisations you accuse of conspiracy to murder. Post a picture of men in uniforms at the Pentagon or Shanksville and say they were “in on it” or “planting evidence” then walk away.

The few eyewitness reports which you have quotemined are worth much more than the thousands of eyewitness reports that don’t support your beliefs.

Use Caps-Lock in the word “TRUTH” wherever possible, or at least capitalize the first letter of “Truth”. Better still, SHOUT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS. Bystanders may be as easily swayed as you are, you hope.

Call the “official story” (the scientific, evidence-based, professional investigation and conclusion) the “official conspiracy theory” so that easily swayed people will, in one fell swoop, stop using logic, science and evidence to analyse the material.

Call yourself a “skeptic”, so that easily swayed people will, in one fell swoop, think you are using logic, science and evidence in your discussion.

Accuse your opponent of being a liar, or try some other tactic that will (hopefully) make him angry. If he responds in kind to your endless taunts, change the subject to his anger, and accuse him of name calling. If he accuses you of provoking him, then you have changed the subject of the debate. If he stays on topic, keep the heat up. The Believers in the audience will forgive the worst verbal attacks you use, but they will think even the mildest replies he makes to you are personal attacks that undermine his argument.

Change the subject. When discussing the WTC, quote the reports of loud explosions and Steven Jones’ theory of therm*te, and then when someone points out those quotes are incompatible, refer to or post a long cut’n’pasted article from about Bush needing to be impeached.

Use incredulity.
Re: WTC7:
“I can’t believe that a WTC building not hit by a plane collapsed!”
So WTC1 & 2 collapsed?
“Er, no, they had to be demolished too.”

Ask questions. That makes it look as though you’ve done some thinking (or parroting).

Ignore answers. Keep asking the same questions. Think, “Wooooo”. It’s fun to say, “Wooooo”. 9/11 is all about fun, right? And feeling like you’re doing some “real research” and investigation. Because. They’re. Never. Going. To. Re-open. 9/11. Based. On. Your. “Investigation”.

Have inflated self-esteem. “All the structural engineers in the world are wrong, but I know the TRUTH”. Remember, 9/11 is all about you proving you are not a pseudo-Einstein but the true heir to his throne.

Derail. In discussion forums, when others are discussing a topic, introduce a 9/11 twoof-related question. When someone replies with a quick debunk, make a huge post uploading all your brain’s delusions, and expect everyone to debunk them succinctly yet in depth, and to not refer to physics, engineering, FEMA, NIST, etc, or 9/11 Myths, Popular Mechanics, Mark Roberts, Wikipedia, etc, etc. When they try, accuse them of being disinformation agents. If they don’t try, claim you’ve proven the “inside job”.

Obstinately insist that 9/11 was an inside job, but do not name any names, organisations or methodologies as to how it was carried out, then claim you pity the victims’ families but do not perceive either how you are reopening old wounds or how you wish to rip their world apart again based on a few dumb questions.


The following are contributions to the Credo from members of the JREF forum:

Once your "obvious" "common sense" has been shown to be insane gibberish, create a sock puppet, and then make the exact same arguments, but this time claim you can't use "common sense", you MUST use physics! Accuse anyone using "common sense" of being a small-minded idiot sheeple. But be sure to never, ever, actually use any physics (or math! Blech!). Just make broad claims about "physics states this" and "physics dictates that".
- Horatius

Don’t bother searching past threads and topics to see what issues have been discussed previously - your evidence is rock solid and anyone who sees it can’t help but be convinced of an inside job. Since the folks you are engaging don’t believe in an inside job, they could not have seen the evidence you have.
- defaultdot.xbe

Never engage people who respond politely and factually. Only engage those who are clearly irritated with having rebutted the same tripe over and over. Then complain that they have resorted to taunts and insults because they can't rebut your claims.
- TjW

Any professional qualifications you or your fellow conspiracists have can be misrepresented, bolstered or simply plucked from thin air during a debate. Remember - the shills have the entire NWO apparatus on their side; you're allowed some leeway too.
- NickUK

Never post on topic - when backed into a corner change the subject. This prevents any subject from being resolved and allows debunked material to be recycled.Bring up previously debunked material. This cycle of the same material will prevent anyone from realizing that any one of the many theories lacks a cohesive narrative or makes sense globally.Treat all information and sources as equal. Youtube, AFP, other conspiracy sites, are equal to the NYT, scientific reports, and expert opinion. Anyone who disagrees is calling your sources liars.Never answer questions - your job is to ask the questions. This allows you to keep enough control of the debate to prevent the house of cards from falling all around you. Ban anyone who asks too many logical questions from your forums.
- Kage.

The news is controlled, unless you like the story.Government officials are liars, unless you like what they say.Use your own assumptions to prove your theory (i.e., you can ignore all government reports because the government did it).FACT typed in caps means “not even remotely true” [but Believers will fall for it]. Self-contradiction? OK! When in doubt, smear.
- Perry Logan

Always bring up USS Liberty as proof the US government kills its own people. When someone points out that the Israelis did it, say that was a "false flag" attack orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson. Accuse firefighters, cops, EMS techs, and rescue workers as being part of the conspiracy, afraid to speak the truth for fear of their jobs and lives. When called out on this gross insult, say you're really on the side of the firefighters, cops, and EMS techs.Offer no proof as to how the evil conspirators are able to hold thousands of cops, firefighters, and EMS techs in fear of their lives over not speaking the truth about the murder of their brothers in uniform.Declare every piece of evidence against you as being a forgery or a fraud. But don't explain who does the forgery, and how it was done, with no slip-ups. Insist that all official investigations are whitewashes, but don't explain how they should be done instead. Argue that the Bush administration planned 9/11 perfectly, but ignore the fact that they hosed up the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq beyond all measure. Insist that there is no possibility of anything in the world happening as the result of chance, luck, weather, or other random elements. Everything that has ever been happened in human history is controlled by sinister forces who have not left any kind of paper or human trail. Repeat ad nauseum.
- Kiwiwriter

From the Bad Astronomy & Universe Today forum:

Accuse all skeptics of any nationality of either being dumb deluded Americans or working for the secret U.S. Disinformation agency.
- Sigma_Orionis; Van Rijn

And finally,

Obstinately insist that 9/11 was an inside job, but do not name any names, organisations or methodologies as to how it was carried out. Claim you pity the victims’ families but do not perceive either how you are reopening old wounds or how you wish to rip their world apart again based on a few dumb questions.

- Orphia Nay.

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