Catcher in the Argot

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How Dylan Avery could become a decent film-maker

If Dylan Avery really wants to make it in movies, he should do a 'True Confessions of a Conspiracy Nutjob' movie.

Part 1: How I started JAQing off.

Part 2: How I realised I could make a name for myself by pissing on graves.

Part 3: How my head got so big I needed a wide-screen tv to do justice to myself and I started inventing 'big-screen release' stories.

Part 4: How the love of notoriety obscured the shame of my 'do-overs'.

Part 5: Interviews with ex-Loosers: What were our wake-up calls?

Part 6: Thanks for all your help, Mark Roberts, the ninjas and ScrewLooseChange - you were right and I was a dick.

Part 7: Legend in my own lunchbox: The internet is not as big in the real world as I thought.

Part 8: How the CTist's friend Paranoia turned on me and I started seeing FBI agents everywhere.

Part 9: To the families of victims whom I led up the garden path: I'm sorry. Truly. The perpetrators of the crimes suicided in the planes on that day, and there's no way I can now make them suffer for causing you such grievous loss. I lied, I gave you false hope, and I profited from your grief. I sincerely apologise.

He could then be someone the mainstream media would actually talk about, and the public would actually pay to see his movie.

Of course, as Brainster (from JREF & Screw Loose Change) implied, Avery would have to go to film school first, and as T.A.M. (from JREF) said, Avery would also have to learn how to tell a story visually, and he would have to write, or have written for him a good script.

I don't really see any of this happening, sadly, but I live in hope. Arrogant pride will probably stop Dylan from admitting he's wrong.

But if he sees that the public humiliation & paranoia he's experiencing now will only increase, he could really be proud if he makes an honest apology.

I used to want to believe in the whole 'lost civilisation', Atlantis, alien-built pyramids net bandwagon about 10 years ago, for about a year or less. I'm hoping that the younger, more resiliant twoofers will have a similar 'wake-up call' moment to mine, and realise that all the leaps of faith they've taken do not add up to a coherent world-view, or verifiable theory, and that every single leap of faith has a rational explanation that is centred in an unparanoid understanding of reality.