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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quite happy, all things considering.

This made me happy the other day. It's nice to do other things besides debating 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. We had a very long lunch and had fun afterwards watching the Melbourne Cup with friends. I was a bit sozzled by the early evening and had an early night after dinner.

I'm also enjoying the recent thread at the JREF forum called The Troofers dist... dixt... dictionary. It lists new words describing elements of the 9/11 "Truth Movement".

My contributions so far:

exspurt (n): 1. one of the members of the pee-er (q.v.) reviewed 'Jurinal (q.v.) for 9/11 Studies'. 2. anyone with a website who's compiled lots of ahumptions (q.v.) and coinvidences (q.v.).

evidense (n) : 1. misinterpreted data. e.g. photos of steel beams cut during the clean-up said to be evidence of umplosions (q.v.) such as *therm*te ; 2. coinvidence(s) (q.v.), ahumption(s) (q.v.).

dodgic (n) : thought process and reasoning used by twoofers. Involves attempting to change the subject when faced with facts that destroy their assertions (usually by starting a new discussion, or posting heaps of links or pasting complete articles of ahumptions irrelevant to the matter at hand). Also involves the Oddus Operandi of the 'Truth Movement":

"Take your message to the 'net
Remain steadfast in your conclusions, even in the face of evidence to the contrary
Under no circumstances make a concrete claim
Tell them you are, "Just asking questions"
Hope they don't notice your logical fallacies
Make sure you post lots of pictures
Overlook any evidence that doesn't support your hypothesis
Veil your lack of comprehension by link dumping threads
Evade calls to show your work, for you know you haven't done it
Meddle with quotes so they say what you need
Equate your opponents with shills and mouthpieces
Never admit that you might be wrong
Tell everyone you know, even if they're not interested."
(- Arkan Wolfshade.)


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