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Sunday, November 19, 2006

To the “911 Truth” Organisations

In just the first 10 pages of the results of a Google search for “911” and “truth”, I found a total of 28 organisations with both “911” and “truth” in their name and/or web address.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth
The British 9/11 Truth Campaign
Veterans for 911 Truth
9/11 Truth LA
SF 911 Truth
911 Truth Radio
Vermont 9 11 truth
911 Truth Totnes
Sac Valley 9/11 Truth Pages
The 911 Truth Movement: News ( (“No events for this month”)
Oxford 9/11 Truth
People’s Front of Judea
Judean People’s Front
Popular People’s Front of Judea (Oops, how did those last three get in there? ;) )

To those averring to be spreading “911 Truth”, what are you all doing, besides spreading misinformation, bad science, bad logic, lies and paranoia?

Where is your much-called-for investigation?

What are you doing about setting the investigation in motion?

What type of investigation are you calling for?

If you propose an independent investigation, who do you believe to be suitably independent to conduct it, and how do you plan to bring the alleged criminals to justice?

If you propose a criminal trial, where are all your lawyers, demolition experts and structural engineers presenting evidence to Courts of your mythological ‘controlled demolition’?

What is the consensus of “what really happened” – MIHOP or LIHOP; planes or no planes; passengers or no passengers; *therm*te or micronukes or C# or Star Wars Beam Weapons?

How can you all be telling the truth if you cannot agree with each other on what happened, or how it happened?

Where are your whistleblowers, each of whom would stand to make millions in royalties and commissions from publishing, film and public appearances, much more than a puny government ‘shill’ would earn, and each of whom could afford more bodyguards than George W. Bush himself?

Where are your parliamentary screenings of “Truth” videos?

Where are your transcripts or even rumoured reports of parliamentary discussions or even inadvertent mentions of the ‘the cover-up of the inside job’, despite the hosts of reporters present at every session and following every move of the politicians? For that matter, where are your investigative reporters?

These are just some of the general questions which I have for the 9/11 “Truthers”.


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